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Contact Founder/CEO Bonny Krahn

For more details and info



Board positions: 

Vice Chair Fills in for Chair at meeting when they cannot attend. Assists the chair with their duties. 

Treasurer Keeps paper records on the nonprojfit orderly and easy to locate. -Articles of Association, By Laws, Records of IRS reports, Receipts, etc. 


Board Members:

Fundraiser - find ways to encourage donations

Grant writer- go after grants for women, nonprofits,  and rural areas


Organization groups:

Civic Outreach programs -helpful projects that the community needs that they may not have a budget for such as 4th of July parades and other events, Libraries, Museums, playgrounds, parks, Ways to help the indigent etc. Find Civic needs locked in a falling through the cracks scenario

Political Outreach- building the party statewide ground up until every block is organized. 

College Campus outreach-work toward getting enough polling locations per campus according to state Election Code.

Volunteer Recruitment- activities and advertisements to recruit volunteers

Membership Recruitment-activities and advertisements to recruit volunteers

Outreach and organization (Data Chart) of all the Dem clubs in Texas. Send out information as requested by the board. 

Outreach (Data Chart) of the County Chairs in Texas including County Party Links. Send out information as requested by the board.

Data Chart of Counties with Population, Number of Dem votes last Election, Number of Registered Voters per county

Data on all District Level Judge Candidates Statewide-Photo, Bio, Work and Education Background. Platform, Media Links and Videos. Red Flag warnings. 

County and City Level Candidates we may have overlooked. Same information needed as above. 

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