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Travis County

Directions: Travis County has been added here because of the amount of data it was using was too much for the County page. Please note that Travis has multiple ballots for it's jurisdiction with each town and sometimes each precinct having different offices up for election. Look on your Voter Registration Card to find your Precinct Number or do a Voter Look Up online to find which ballot is for your area. Click on links of each Candidate to know more about them. Go to to download your ballot for where you live. You should find most of your candidates here except for Nonpartisan races such as City Council or School Boards. Those Candidates will appear here with their permission and if they are running an opening political party affiliation race. You can also view video playlists and more videos on the sister YouTube Channel that is part of this project: 

Note to the Voter: Remember that you are the HR person choosing who is best qualified to be in Leadership for the State of Texas. Check out the Candidate's educational background, their work history, and Community Service. If it is an Incumbent (in office now and trying to get reelected) check their voting record. Very important. Did they vote the way they promised they would on their platform? Did they vote with their party or against it? What bills have they authored or coauthored and how many got passed into law? That is why they are there. They are to vote to represent you to create new laws to make life better. Which candidate is best qualified over all and lines up with your beliefs? That is who you should vote for.

These are Texas Statewide Candidates that

Democrats will have on their Primary ballots. 

For biographies click the BIO link.

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